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FreedomPop started with a simple mission, to ensure every American has unprecedented access to free Internet. To date, we have given away over 1 Billion MBs of absolutely free data – in fact, over half of our users don’t pay us a penny.

As more and more people join FreedomPop, we admit that we have struggled to keep up with customer service issues and our response times have slipped. We want to apologize to our users foremost for admittedly less than timely customer service. The good news is we are listening and in an effort to address this feedback, we have recently ramped up the customer service department, moved the entire operation local, and adjusted the T&C’s to better address any policy criticisms per below:

  1. “Active Status Fee”-We used to pass on a .99 cent network fee to keep an inactive account active on our partner network each month. The reason we did that is because we actually get charged by our partners, so we were hoping our users could just turn on their device once per month so we’d all avoid that nominal cost.  However, it has caused more confusion than it’s worth so we have suspended this charge going forward.
  2. “Response time” -We have admittedly slipped as new devices and more users have increased the number of tickets coming in. However, we are doubling down on customer service headcount  and bringing 100% onshore. We will now aim to address 100% of inquiries within 48 hours, without fail.
  3. “Data rounding”-There have been complaints that our data usage rounds up to the nearest MB vs KB. This was for visual representation only, i.e. we were not actually rounding but just displayed it that way. To avoid any confusion, we now display in KBs so there is no perception of rounding.
  4. “Top-up”Users who go over their plan allotment can continue using the Internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.  If the “auto top up” option is selected, we will automatically top up your pay-as-you-go credit balance with $10 when you hit your plan limit so your service is not interrupted. If you’d rather manually manage, we provide the ability to easily turn auto top up off.
  5. “Returns”-If you want to return your device within our return window, we will give you your money back. We do ask you pay for return shipping. This may appear frugal on our part, but we’d rather push the boundaries on how much free data we give away than how much free shipping we give away.
  6. “Delayed device shipments” -Demand for new devices has been ridiculous and we have been on backorder for several weeks. The good news is we have received new inventory and will start shipping this week. There has been additional concern that backordered users will have less time to use extra free data provided in the 1st month. This is not true.  Plan period will start after the shipping date (not the purchase date).

We want to thank everyone for your patience and your feedback to date.  We are starting a revolution and we want to keep hearing from you – whether it’s positive or negative – as your feedback is going to make FreedomPop even better for everyone. Thanks again for your support.

Written by Samantha

June 13th, 2013 at 9:05 am

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  1. I ordered and paid for an Overdrive Pro on July 14. Nothing has ever arrived. I have received no notice that shipping is delayed. I tried to find your support phone number and could not find it. I tried to find a support email address and could not find one. I found this blog only by Googline “freedompop fails ship.” Posting some message on a hidden blog about having a shipping backlog is terrible customer service.

    Also, my FreedomPop account specifically states that it started on July 14 and that you will start charing me for data on August 16. I signed up for the free account only.

    I find it troubling that you hide your support phone number and email address, fail to ship product, and fail to notify customers of shipping delays. And you probably will not post this message, as it is inconsistent with the image you are trying to portray.

    BTW, for your other customers, the support phone number is supposedly (888) 743-8107. But the only thing there is a recording that says send email to support@freedompop.com. Note that that support email address is either not on the website at all or is well hidden.


    2 Aug 13 at 4:26 pm

  2. Hey Dan, we’re sorry to hear you’re device has not been shipped, and that you felt that you had to contact us through multiple platforms to get your message across. Be assured that we did see your tweet and facebook post. We have a very active community management team here, so everything is seen and responded to as best we can with what resources we have. It does look like another agent Ryan has been helping you out, but he’s having some problems locating your order. Hopefully, you can provide him with an update so that he can help you better. When your device is shipped, the time stamp on your data plan will automatically be extended, so you really don’t have to worry about it. There are some logistical and supply chain issues that we are having but we hope to get your back ordered device to you. We know that the checkout page did state 2-3 weeks for the shipping delay and it is going a little longer than that right now. When you do get your device, feel free to contact us back to receive some extra to make up for it.


    5 Aug 13 at 1:11 pm

  3. […] meanwhile, has said that it’s trying to work out some of the customer service issues and complaints that have nagged the company since launch. Users are no longer charged a $0.99 hidden fee for every […]

  4. I also ordered an Overdrive Pro on July 18. When can I expect to receive my device?


    9 Aug 13 at 9:48 am

  5. Hey Ricky and Grace, thanks for your patience so far, you guys have been great. We’re working on backorders and hope to have your device out soon. We don’t have an exact date for you though. As soon as yours is ready, you’ll receive an email with tracking information.


    9 Aug 13 at 10:24 am

  6. Does Freedom pop allow me to roam with the cellular service plans if i am not in a freedom pop coverage area


    2 Oct 13 at 5:35 pm

  7. Hi William, Sorry for our late reply. We’ve been experiencing a lot of spam on our blog’s comment section recently. If you haven’t found the answer to your question yet- We do not support roaming outside Sprint’s Network. If you aren’t in an available coverage area off network roaming is not an option.


    23 Oct 13 at 12:59 pm

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