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FreedomPop Reviews – Home Internet for the Entire Family

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We’re excited to announce the FreedomPop Hub Burst, the first home broadband device from FreedomPop that comes with 1GB of data for free each month with the ability to earn unlimited data by adding Freedom Friends via email, Twitter and Facebook and social media, and engaging in our partner promotions. With speeds up to 8x faster than DSL, the FreedomPop Hub Burst is the only piece of equipment that you need to set up a secure, wireless 4G network in your home.

Keep your entire family connected with the FreedomPop Hub Burst that allows up to 10 devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to be connected simultaneously via WiFi. Replace your home internet today and enjoy the speed, mobility and low cost of FreedomPop’s 4G wireless broadband Internet service. The Hub Burst is priced for moderate internet users with tiered plans that will bring even significant savings to customers across the board who want to further cut down on monthly bills.

We love it when you leave us Facebook comments. Here are some of the best FreedomPop Reviews about our Home Hub Burst from Facebook:

“So far I love the freedom that Freedompop gives me!”- Kerry Rogers, Facebook

“I am extremely pleased with the HUB! In fact, I stayed up all night doing benchmarks with it! 😉 I get better (reception) with the hub than with the Photon device. Since I use the Hub as primary gateway for all voip communications, I noticed a big difference in clarity and performance when I switched to the Hub. I am very pleased with the product and I strongly recommend this product to anyone that wants to save $$ and have quality voip communication. The 10GB plan has ample of bandwidth for all my voip communications!”- Dino Myte

“Received my Freedom Hub Burst! Work’s great out of the box (with some default password changes of course!). Better signal strength that my modem. Looks like a winner to replace my service.”- Scott Merrifield

“My “Freedom Hub Burst” modem arrived safe and sound. It was super easy to set up. The user interface was very clear and I was able to set a new WiFi password and rename the SSID within minutes. Connection strength is excellent at my home in Seattle (Queen Anne). I’m very pleased with my new FreedomPop connection!”- Kent Kephart

“Got my Hub Burst! Loving it”-Tasha Bowers

Get the whole family online using the Hub Burst by  visiting our website

Free Internet For All

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First of all, we want to thank you, our customers for believing in us.  What started as a simple idea of has transformed into a global, online mission to bring free internet access to anyone, anywhere. At FreedomPop, we believe the internet is a right, not a privilege and with each new customer, we take one step closer to fulfilling our mission to providing free internet for all. We thank you all for your continued support.

We’ve created this blog to keep our supporters like you up to date with the latest and greatest in products, service innovations, company news, and FreedomPop community news.  We’re all a part of our stated mission for delivering free internet and want to keep you updated with our advancements. Once again thank you to our valued customers, talented team and partners. It won’t be easy to reinvent internet access, but with your help free internet for all is in the near future.

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March 19th, 2013 at 4:39 pm