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FreedomPop Holiday Deals under $99

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If you missed FreedomPop’s Black Friday/ Cyber Monday deals, cheer up. We’re launching three new FreedomPop Holiday deals under $99 that cover all your mobile communication needs: LTE Android Smartphone, our very own Freedom Tab Liberty, and a rock solid and affordable LTE hotspot.
Save up to 65% PLUS try one of our FREE premium trials of LTE data or mobile phone services. Not to mention our always available 100% Free Mobile Plan options for hotspots, phones, and tablets. Consider these to be your perfect holiday travel companion and stay connected no matter where you are with your family and friends.
FreedomPop is committed to our mission to bring customers the most affordable communication services, and we’re offering even greater value during the holiday season for you and all your loved ones, so don’t delay and order now!
Check out our Holiday Deals here or visit
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December 10th, 2014 at 6:01 am

How to Get Free Internet Every Month – FreedomPop Review via

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The deal hungry moderator’s at Slickdeals did a great FreedomPop review on our Platinum Photon hotspot and Free Internet service last week. He actually got an incredible 9.86Mbps when positioning the device near a window. Get more tips and learn more on their blog: How to Get Free Internet Every Month – FreedomPop Review

On a budget and can’t pay for the monthly fees for a wifi hotspot? Freedompop could be your solution.

FreedomPop offers free wireless internet access for up to 500MB each and every month with the purchase of a hotspot. If you need more, you can easily find 10 Freedom Friends using this not so secret Slickdeals thread where tons of FreedomPop users have left their email address so you can connect, earn, and share. If that’s still not enough, upgrading is another option. 50% of FreedomPop users have opted into larger paid plans or services like Data Rollover. This is a great value for light to moderate internet users who need something on-the-go.

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May 20th, 2014 at 9:41 am

FreedomPop Review: Freedom Spot Photon Platinum Edition

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After absolutely stunning FreedomPop reviews for the Photon, it’s no wonder that our exclusive Platinum edition received similar praise. Check out all our previous FreedomPop reviews of the Freedom Spot Photon on our blog and website.

Brutal winter storms have been hitting much of the US and William L was able to stay connected and safe using our services during a recent storm. He posted his experience to our new Community Forum:

“Just wanted to say that Freedompop worked well during the recent power, internet, and landline outages during the recent ice storm that affected the Southeast.

We were able to use the pda tether app to stay online and maintain communications. Even though we use the free service . It worked extremely well given the circumstances.”

More FreedomPop reviews are available on our website:

Find help and answers more quickly on our FreedomPop Forum Community-

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February 20th, 2014 at 2:24 pm

FreedomPop Review- Freedom Spot Mifi 500 LTE

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With the Freedom Spot MiFi 500 LTE, you can get online anywhere on a blazing fast LTE network that works with Sprint’s advanced tri-band technology. Connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices in seconds to stream, share, or Facebook with your friends and family without those annoying buffer interruptions. This hotspot is bursting with extra features and options like an advanced OLED screen, 6+ hours of battery life, and 3G Network fallback. This sleek and compact hotspot is 3.8 by 2.4 by .7″ (HWD) and weighs just 3.35 ounces. This hotspot is a solid device that was also recently featured on Stack Social.

We just recently launched LTE services with a Free 500MB LTE plan that is getting included  some seriously awesome reviews for Freedom Pop  from real users across Facebook and Twitter. Here’s our favorite Facebook FreedomPop Review:

“Got my lte mifi, it works great! I just take it with me when I need data. My iphone bill is now less than $10 a month!”– Cheryl, Facebook

FreedomPop Review- Freedom Spot Mifi 4082, Our Second 4G/3G Hotspot

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After receiving great FreedomPop reviews for the Overdrive Pro through email and Social Media, we began offering a new 4G/3G hotspot last month, the Mifi 4082 by Novatel Wireless. This easy-to-use hotspot gets FreedomPop customers online using Sprint’s nationwide 4G/3G network. It has improved battery life and a sleek design. The Mifi 4082 is a welcomed addition to FreedomPop’s arsenal of fast, free internet solutions for on-the-go. Connect up to 5 of your WiFi-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, and laptops – to the FreedomPop data network for 100% free high-speed 4G wireless internet.

The deal hunters at Techbargains had a newsworthy FreedomPop review of the device and service:

“FreedomPop is a great choice for road warriors since you are not limited to accessing your internet from home. Take the wireless hotspot with you and use your internet anywhere.”Techbargains

“Love my Mifi 4082! Have had it for 1 week. Thank you so much Freedompop!” – Cherise A, Facebook

“Just got my MiFi 4082 today, and I am getting 4G coverage even though I am not in a 4G area. Thanks!”– Ali Naqvi @anaqvi786

“Super happy. Just received my mifi fast delivery… already online OMG this is the best device EVER!!!!!! I was worried that it may not work in my area…. so not case. Glad I joined the freedom pop train, happy customer:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 “- Myrna H.
To learn more or to order a Freedom Spot MiFi 4082 check out our website here.

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September 26th, 2013 at 8:29 am

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FreedomPop Reviews- Nationwide Overdrive Pro

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We’ve received hundreds of positive FreedomPop reviews about the FreedomPop Overdrive Pro was our first 4G/3G device that brought FreedomPop’s services Nationwide using Sprint’s 3G Network. The Overdrive Pro boasts an impressive LCD screen with real time information. It’s sleek and mobile design weighs just over 3 ounces and can connect up to 8 wifi enabled devices to a secure and fast 4G network. When you’re not in a good 4G coverage area, always feel connected with Sprint’s Nationwide 3G Network. The Overdrive Pro also has a removable battery that will keep you online for about 6 hours or 4 hours with active usage on a full charge.

We’ve collected a few FreedomPop reviews from the press and from our users:

“The best part about the Overdrive Pro is 3G support, as it allows you to use the modem virtually across the country. That means you won’t have to worry about staying connected when you travel. You can’t say that about 4G, which has a much more limited coverage area.”- Alex Colon, PC Mag, Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro- FreedomPop Review

FreedomPop reviews from real customers on Facebook and Slickdeals:

“Got the Overdrive over the weekend it’s AWESOME! I have intermittent 4g service so the 3G fallback is great. Thanks Freedom Pop!”– Tracy C, Facebook

“I just got my FreedomPop Overdrive. 500mb of 3G and 4G for just $3.99/month, and it has better coverage than my at&t 4G iPhone. Definitely worth the wait, I love FreedomPop!”- Brandon Counts, Facebook

“I’ve had one for at least 6 months and it’s great for traveling.  I use it in locations that charge for wifi or where wifi is not available.  I also work from home and have used it as a backup connection one stormy day when my cable modem wasn’t working.  The speeds are great and fortunately I’ve never gone over the 500MB limit.”– Quest4dollars,

Don’t forget to share your Freedom Pop review or story in our comments section. We might even give you some Free Data in return.

To get your very own Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro, check out our website here

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FreedomPop Reviews – Best Selling Photon

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Weighing in at a mere 2.1 ounces with a width of 2.6”, a height of 2.6”, and a depth of 0.5”, the FreedomPop Photon is our favorite little guy, as well as one of our best selling devices. It will connect up to 8 devices simultaneously to the internet via wifi. One a full charge, the Photon will work for up to 6 hours and get speeds up to 12Mpbs down and 1.5Mpbs up on Clearwire’s Wimax network. Don’t be fooled. This little guy packs a huge punch, and the positive FreedomPop Photon Reviews prove it. It was also recently named one of the Best Mobile WiFi Hospots by Mashable.

Here’s a few fun things some awesome subscribers have been saying so far in FreedomPop Reviews: Photon Edition:

It’s made of soft touch black plastic, with matte black grilles along the side. It’s attractive, in a minimalist way, and small enough to slip into any pocket.- Alex Colon, PC Mag: FreedomPop Freedom Spot Photon

“The setup process couldn’t be easier… You turn on the Photon 4G by holding the power button, give it a minute to start up, and then connect to it with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or whatever other WiFi-enabled device the way you would connect to any access point.”-Michael Kwan, Mobile Mag: FreedomPop Photon 4G Mobile Hotspot Review

I’ve been loving Freedompop. I live and work in Baltimore, so coverage is great. My hotspot actually saved my tail during hurricane Sandy when we were ordered to work from home and my Comcast internet went down. Miraculously, Clearwire’s towers were still up and I was able to work and get paid thanks to this device- David Flores: Mobile Mag Comment

Not only can you buy a Photon from Amazon, but there are some great first-hand user FreedomPop Reviews: Photon Edition there too:

“This is an amazing little device. Although it’s much smaller, thinner, and lighter than a phone, the battery life is impressive: nearly six hours of continuous use. In comparison, my smartphone’s battery drains out within an hour or two when I use it as a wifi hotspot”.- Joshua H, Amazon

Facebook is another great place to read FreedomPop Photon Reviews:

My Photon is working great, there really should be a point of reference for how small these are in every official photo, like a credit card. ITS TINY! love it and it still runs the same 6 hrs per charge my Clear iSpot does. GREAT work guys!- Brad Apelgren, Facebook

Don’t forget to visit our website to get the best deals on your very own Freedom Spot Photon HERE

FreedomPop Reviews – Home Internet for the Entire Family

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We’re excited to announce the FreedomPop Hub Burst, the first home broadband device from FreedomPop that comes with 1GB of data for free each month with the ability to earn unlimited data by adding Freedom Friends via email, Twitter and Facebook and social media, and engaging in our partner promotions. With speeds up to 8x faster than DSL, the FreedomPop Hub Burst is the only piece of equipment that you need to set up a secure, wireless 4G network in your home.

Keep your entire family connected with the FreedomPop Hub Burst that allows up to 10 devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to be connected simultaneously via WiFi. Replace your home internet today and enjoy the speed, mobility and low cost of FreedomPop’s 4G wireless broadband Internet service. The Hub Burst is priced for moderate internet users with tiered plans that will bring even significant savings to customers across the board who want to further cut down on monthly bills.

We love it when you leave us Facebook comments. Here are some of the best FreedomPop Reviews about our Home Hub Burst from Facebook:

“So far I love the freedom that Freedompop gives me!”- Kerry Rogers, Facebook

“I am extremely pleased with the HUB! In fact, I stayed up all night doing benchmarks with it! 😉 I get better (reception) with the hub than with the Photon device. Since I use the Hub as primary gateway for all voip communications, I noticed a big difference in clarity and performance when I switched to the Hub. I am very pleased with the product and I strongly recommend this product to anyone that wants to save $$ and have quality voip communication. The 10GB plan has ample of bandwidth for all my voip communications!”- Dino Myte

“Received my Freedom Hub Burst! Work’s great out of the box (with some default password changes of course!). Better signal strength that my modem. Looks like a winner to replace my service.”- Scott Merrifield

“My “Freedom Hub Burst” modem arrived safe and sound. It was super easy to set up. The user interface was very clear and I was able to set a new WiFi password and rename the SSID within minutes. Connection strength is excellent at my home in Seattle (Queen Anne). I’m very pleased with my new FreedomPop connection!”- Kent Kephart

“Got my Hub Burst! Loving it”-Tasha Bowers

Get the whole family online using the Hub Burst by  visiting our website

FreedomPop Reviews – Budget Friendly Bolt

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Our most budget friendly device is the size of a USB drive. The Freedom Stick Bolt is designed to be as easy as plug-and-play. There are no cables and no chargers. At half the price of a hotspot, the Bolt is designed to get one device online by creating an ethernet connection. It’s extremely reliable, requires no maintenance, and no charging. Since it doesn’t create wifi network, you can surf the net securely without the fear of someone else getting on your network.

We’ve received articles written from all over the internet about our services, but sometimes the best advice comes from real users. Here are some first-hand Freedompop Reviews for the Bolt from users who use our services everyday.

Ok, i just got the USB device. So far i am loving it. I work in telecom so i expected a couple of minutes of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised it was true plug-and-play, and on a MAC!.I will keep using it, and believe me if the experience is this silky smooth, i will be telling all my friends and coworkers!- Juan Alberto Perez Zacarias, Facebook

If you’re at all mobile this is a no brainer. Just get it.- Rob Gonzalez, Amazon

It works beautifully. Nice to be able to use my laptop even where there is no Wi-Fi . I would recommend it.- Thelma Veglia, Amazon 

“Very handy device. It is very useful in school when our wifi network is too overloaded and the internet becomes unusable.” – William Wadsworth, Facebook

Don’t forget to Bolt it up by visiting our website here to order or just to learn more.

FreedomPop Reviews Around the Internet

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Though FreedomPop started as just an idea,  it’s evolved into a shared mission to bring free internet to anyone, anywhere. We continue to improve our services based on FreedomPop reviews from our customers and feedback from users like you.   We wanted to share with you some FreedomPop reviews from across the web to date, including FreedomPop reviews of our devices and FreedomPop reviews of our services.

We also wanted to remind you to leave your own comments and FreedomPop reviews with us whether it is via email to our customer service desk or on Facebook. Thoughts and ideas are always welcomed.

CNET FreedomPop Review

This FreedomPop review comes from the one of the top consumer electronics oriented review sites:

  • “FreedomPop is trying to change the broadband market like Skype has changed voice. The company offers free Internet access delivered via Clearwire’s WiMax network, something that could pose a big threat to the traditional Internet service providers like Time Warner Cable.”- Shara Tibken, CNET: FreedomPop Launches Free Home Broadband
  • “This could be a dream come true for iPhone-envying iPod Touch owners.” – Rick Broida, CNET: FreedomPop Cradle Brings Free 4G to iPod Touch

Forbes Tech FreedomPop Review

This FreedomPop review comes from an independent journalist and FreedomPop subscriber

PC Mag FreedomPop Review

This FreedomPop review delivered a 4 star rating from one of the top consumer electronics magazines online

  • On its own, the Freedom Spot Photon is a solid hotspot. Combined with a free plan from FreedomPop, it’s an innovative new way to get online for free. It’s a great, inexpensive option for staying connected on the go, and a worthy recipient of our Editors’ Choice award. -Alex Colon, PC Mag: FreedomPop Freedom Spot Photon

FreedomPop User Reviews

Check out all the FreedomPop reviews from our very own users submitted across social media and emailed directly to our customer support staff

  • “This is a fabulous solution to get all my devices online when I need it. It’s fast speeds and great coverage area keep me hooked up! Thanks Freedom Pop!!!”- Annette G, Facebook
  • “I ♥ FreedomPop! Reliability and connectivity is awesome! :-)” – Melissa M, Facebook
  • “Fantastic solution”- RPV, Amazon
  • “It’s true that the FreedomPop WIMAX network’ coverage is small, but, if you live in an area with coverage you get excellent download and upload speeds” -Ryan H, Amazon
  • “I have been using FreedomPop for about 3 weeks now. Before FreedomPop I had Net Zero. I must say that FreedomPop seems faster and receives a stronger single than my previous carrier. I glad I made the switch.”- Rich Ashley, Facebook
  • “Ok, i just got the USB device. So far i am loving it. I work in telecom so i expected a couple of minutes of setup. I was very pleasantly surprised it was true plug-and-play, and on a MAC!.I will keep using it, and believe me if the experience is this silky smooth, i will be telling all my friends and coworkers!”- Juan Zacarias, Facebook
  • “If you havn’t heard of FreedomPop yet, you will soon. Free data plan? Game changer. @FreedomPop4G”- Charlie Houchin, Twitter

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