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Company aims to help more than 100,000 Americans currently not eligible for basic free service


LOS ANGELES, CA – February 8, 2017

FreedomPop was founded on the premise that “the Internet is a right, not a privilege.” Over the past 4 years it has leveraged internet technologies to enable a private sector solution to bridging the digital divide with its freemium business model offering consumers 500 MBs of free data, 200 voice minutes and 500 texts. Over 500,000 Americans currently benefit from 100% free wireless internet from FreedomPop and over 1 BILLION MBs of free data has been given to consumers. While FreedomPop has played a role in bridging the digital divide in America, there are over 100,000 Americans that have tried to subscribe to FreedomPop but who don’t have an electronic payment form and can’t take advantage of FreedomPop’s basic free offer. In its effort to serve these unserved Americans, FreedomPop applied for, and on December 1, 2016 was granted a Lifeline Broadband Provider (LBP) designation so that it could provide eligible Lifeline subscribers with a compelling mobile broadband package with enhanced security and compression features that retail for $10.99. In addition, Lifeline subscribers would be able to purchase heavier data plans at a $10 discount to normal prices.

Over the past several months, FreedomPop invested over $1 million to develop and leverage its internet capabilities to more effectively qualify Lifeline applicants and protect the Universal Service Fund from waste, fraud and abuse with best-in-class processes. In addition, it’s unique and extensive digital acquisition capabilities enable it to reach a broader set of customers who are new to the program and might not be touched by traditional offline means. With the FCC’s recent order rescinding all LBP designations, FreedomPop is now looking to work together with the FCC and the states to establish a clear path forward so that it can launch its Lifeline services nationwide in the not too distant future.

“FreedomPop is committed to working together with the FCC and the states to address the challenges faced by low-income Americans on the wrong side of the digital divide, while protecting the Universal Service Fund from waste, fraud and abuse” said Eric Schimpf, FreedomPop’s Head of Lifeline who joined the company just 3 months ago. “In light of recent developments at the FCC, we are re-doubling our efforts to ensure thousands of economically disadvantaged Americans that had signed up to be our first Lifeline customers are not left abandoned,” said Schimpf.   “We look forward to working with Chairman Pai, the FCC staff and the states to address concerns over program integrity and to ensure that the overall program objective of providing affordable access to modern communications services like mobile broadband is quickly achieved.”

Visit for more information.

FreedomPop is on Facebook and Twitter

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February 8th, 2017 at 8:08 am

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The US’s most innovative mobile provider will team up with MVS Communications to supply free voice, text, and data services across all Mexico.

Following the success of its free mobile service in the U.S., U.K. and Spain, FreedomPop announced today its plans to launch Mexico’s first 100% free mobile service in conjunction with MVS Communications, one of the most notable Mexican media conglomerates, and VARIV, a Mexican investment firm. FreedomPop will offer a base level of text, voice, and data 100% free every month, ensuring that no Mexican is left off the connected grid. In addition, all users will get unlimited use of Whatsapp.

FreedomPop has seen tremendous demand for its free service and expects to reach 1 million users within its first few years. Users will also be able to purchase additional services like data rollover, a second international number from any country, online security, micro-financing and international calling for a nominal fee. They will also get unlimited free calling to other FreedomPop users in all the countries where the company is available.

“With the Mexican mobile market dominated by a few big players, innovation has been stifled and consumers feel the pain. FreedomPop is partnering to bring unprecedented value to customers and a level of innovation that will shake up the existing market, that has more than 107 million mobile phone subscriptions, according to the Federal Telecommunications Institute,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop’s CEO.

The joint venture between FreedomPop and MVS is the first of its kind, where its innovative “freemium” model will be able to leverage the massive local distribution, expertise, relationships and market reach that MVS brings.

“Bringing FreedomPop’s disruptive model to Mexico, in a way that is synergetic to existing MVS businesses like Dish and MVS Televisión, puts us in the position to make a real impact on the Mexican mobile market and bring affordable and flexible mobile options to consumers,” said Ernesto Vargas, President of MVS Telecommunications and Dish Mexico.

Diego Vargas, VARIV’s co-founder added, “VARIV is excited to have partnered with Freedom Pop and MVS to launch FreedomPop Mexico to offer unprecedented free connectivity and help narrow the digital gap in Mexico. This partnership is in line with VARIV’s mission to build innovative business models that generate significant improvements in our community.¨

Beta sign ups are open as of today. For more information or to sign up, visit

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October 12th, 2016 at 9:01 am

100-Day Anniversary Offer

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In celebration of our 100-day launch anniversary in the UK, today we are opening our existing network to UK mobile users for absolutely free.

Beginning today, UK customers can visit FreedomPop’s site to sign up for a new plan, which will offer any UK resident free unlimited data, 1,000 talk minutes and 1,000 texts for one month, plus a free SIM. The unlimited free 100-day anniversary plan will be offered this week only and will last for a full month from time of order.

We are excited about the success we’ve seen in the UK so far, and we look forward to bringing more disruptive services and products soon.

Get the Unlimited Data here

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February 24th, 2016 at 10:44 am

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Latest financing will fuel growth and accelerate international expansion starting with free data in 25 countries beginning today.

LOS ANGELES, CA – January 20, 2016 – Just six months after closing $30 million in financing and on the heels of its successful U.K. service launch last quarter, FreedomPop today announced it has raised an additional $50 million in financing, bringing its total funding to over $109 million. The new funding will be used to fuel continued growth of its disruptive free mobile service and accelerate its international expansion in markets in Europe, Asia and South America, including the launch of its new Global hotspot and SIM covering initially covering the European region.

Available today, the Global hotspot aggregates cellular networks from across the world to give users a single seamless data connection for free. It will initially give U.S. and U.K. users free global data in 25 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. FreedomPop plans to expand coverage to over 40 countries by year end including parts of Asia and Latin America.

The 100 percent free global plans automatically include 200 MBs per month of data in any of the supported countries, and can be used by any connected device or smartphone.  Users will have the option to purchase additional global data at just $10 per 500 MBs. The Global hotspot is available today for a special launch price of $49.99 and the SIM will be available for $10 at

“FreedomPop has proven that new Internet business models work in the telecom space and has developed the technology to scale it globally. This new financing not only validates our capabilities, but it also ensures that FreedomPop has the capital required to become a top 10 global service provider,” said Steven Sesar, FreedomPop COO and Co-Founder. “The financing also supports our Global network launch, which is an exciting way to give consumers free Internet access across the world and eliminate roaming costs no matter where they are.”

FreedomPop has added more than 1 million subscribers since its initial launch. The company will expand into additional countries, as well as announce strategic partnerships with top global mobile carriers over the next several months.

To sign up for FreedomPop’s Global hotspot, go to

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January 20th, 2016 at 6:00 am

FreedomPop Offers Smartphones with Free Mobile Phone Service For Life on Black Friday

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Shoppers Can Skip the “Deals” from Major Mobile Carriers and Big Box Stores to Rack up Hundreds of Dollars in Savings with Smartphones Starting at $40 Bundled With Free Data, Text and Voice Each Month

Holiday shoppers have officially started hunting down the best bargains to purchase on Black Friday, but those looking for new devices should be wary of signing up for that one cent smartphone, which likely comes with hundreds of dollars in mobile service subscription costs and fees.

FreedomPop, the completely free mobile services provider, today announced its Black Friday deals which include smartphones for as low as $40, bundled with its completely free mobile data, text and voice services for life. Customers that sign up through the offer will also receive unlimited talk and text and 1GB data free for the first month. Users will then receive FreedomPop’s standard 500 MB of data, 200 texts and 500 voice minutes completely free each month for life. The Black Friday offers are available beginning today and include:

  • Motorola E 2nd Generation LTE: Originally $229.99. Now available for $39.99 and includes shipping, offering customers approximately 80 percent in savings.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4: Originally $449.99. Now available for $99.99 and includes shipping, offering customers approximately 77 percent in savings.

“Many shoppers will see cheap price tags and rush out to purchase devices, but they should keep in mind the monthly cost of providing mobile service to that device,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop founder and CEO. “Our free service is perfect for those looking to cut costs and save more in the New Year, or for families on a budget who are ready to gift a first mobile phone to a teen or grandparent. We also have affordable options for international calls or for those who may want to use more data or texts each month.”

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November 24th, 2015 at 6:00 am

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FreedomPop Officially Launches the UK’s very first 100% Free Mobile Phone Service

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U.K. residents can now receive completely free mobile service. FreedomPop today announced that its much-anticipated 100 percent free mobile service is now available throughout the U.K., offering 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200 MBs of data completely free for life. For the first 10,000 users to sign up, FreedomPop is also offering a special plan with 1000 minutes, 1000 text and 1 GB of data free for the first month of service.

In addition, FreedomPop users will have the unique opportunity to earn unlimited free data by completing various third-party offers such as taking a survey or downloading a coupon. Customers can also share and receive free data with any friends and family that are also FreedomPop users, creating a democratic community that allows users to decide how much data they need, earn it and even share it with others.

FreedomPop is also offering new value added services to their U.K. users, including the ability to roll over any unused data each month, receive usage alerts to ensure they don’t incur overage charges and an additional virtual international phone number so people in other countries can call for free.

“The U.K. has had many mobile providers and services enter the market, but none of them offer a completely new business model enabling free service, guaranteed for life,” said Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop CEO and co-Founder. “Similar to the U.S., FreedomPop will deliver unprecedented value to consumers with an easy-to-use, high-quality mobile service. We believe everyone should have access to mobile services, and we’re going to make that a reality in the U.K.”

The U.K. is the first market outside the U.S. to receive FreedomPop’s free mobile services. FreedomPop plans to expand its free service to seven other countries within the next 12 months and over 20 markets by 2017.

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FreedomPop Expands to Europe w/ Launch of UK’s first FREE Mobile Service

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At FreedomPop, we’re all really excited to announce our first steps into Europe with the launch of UK’s very first free mobile phone service this summer. We’ve seen tremendous success with offering free talk, text, and data in the US, and we’re looking forward to making this available to everyone, wherever they are. Sign up on a first-come, first-serve basis at to be among our first beta users.

The free tier will include 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200MB of data. Also, included is free international calling to over 60 countries and free unlimited calls and texts to each other.

We’re also launching Jetsetter, the world’s first global sim that offers free service that will be initially available in the UK, Spain, and France. Beta invites will become available here or at

Early this year, Freedompop announced free International plans for 50 countries that are already available for US users at FreedomPop‘s website. Learn more about FreedomPop UK at

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New Premium Voice Technology

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We’re announcing an awesome new FreedomPop software update – “FreedomPop Premium Voice” for existing and new customers that will seamlessly enable FreedomPop phones to switch between VoIP and traditional cellular voice networks. This update will help ensure the best possible call quality regardless of data network speeds.

This is a new upgrade option that we are rolling out. New customers can take advantage of Premium Voice today and it will become available for Freedompop customers to upgrade into using a simple app update in Google Play. We’re continuously working on improving our phone technology to bring a better call experience to all FreedomPop customers and further our company’s mission to disrupt the mobile phone industry and rewrite the rules of American telecom.

Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates and news.

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April 9th, 2015 at 5:59 am

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Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data On Any Carrier – FreedomPop Nationwide WiFi

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Seamlessly connect to nearly 10 million hotspots across the country with FreedomPop’s new unlimited WiFi plan. Any smartphone or tablet with any carrier can get unlimited talk, text, and data for $5 per month. Connect to WiFi via the free FreedomPop App (available in the Google Play store) and access a growing network of 10 million hotspots, many of which are closed to the public. With auto-connect access, there is no need to manually connect via device settings or authentication pages.

Now with FreedomPop Nationwide WiFi, consumers have an alternative to high priced LTE data plans and a simple way to cut down on their cellular data usage with the lowest cost unlimited plan on the market. FreedomPop’s mission has always been about ensuring that everyone has access to affordable and essential communication services.

Learn more about FreedomPop’s Nationwide WiFi network at

Read more about FreedomPop’s Nationwide WiFi network at Techcrunch, PC World, Digital Trends, and The Verge


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January 21st, 2015 at 6:01 am

FreedomPop International Calling Launches in Over 50 Countries including Mexico, Canada, and the UK

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We’re very excited to announce the availability of the world’s first 100% free international calling plan with FreedomPop international calling to over 50 countries including Mexico, Canada, India, and the UK. Calling plans will differ depending on country and may range between landlines and mobile numbers; however, FreedomPop international calling plans will be 75% lower compared to other carriers.Users can receive 100 FREE minutes or choose from any of our pre-paid plans starting at just $4.99 per month.

Not only do we now support FreedomPop international calling in over 170 new markets, but we will be providing the option to receive virtual numbers that enable calls from different countries sometime soon.

Lean more by visiting or keep up to date by following our Facebook page.

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November 12th, 2014 at 9:52 am

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